Ustorm II & Usurface II

What makes UstormII & UsurfaceII so special? Standardization!

UstormII & UsurfaceII are standard modules and cabinets with standard size, standard installation, standard interface and standard power.

With standard module, it is flexible to select different pixel pitch according to actual situations and specific solutions. That is to say, wherever you want to place your screen or whenever you want to change your cabinets, you will not be troubled by the size, installation, different power and so on.

UstormII & UsurfaceII have standard maintenance as they support front and rear maintenance.

No matter where you locate your project and under which circumstances, it is always easy for you to maintain the cabinets.

What is more, UstormII & UsurfaceII have standard system configuration, standard control box, standard aviation connection and standard installation.

It is convenient to upgrade module and PSU at any time and 50% costs of upgrading can be saved without affecting the whole size and weight. Besides, you do not have to worry about the spot management any more as the standardizations can make unified management come true.

Of course, UstormII & UsurfaceII can support various installations such as column installation, wall mount and stacking installation, which can fulfill your every purpose.

Highly Reliable

The Usurface Ⅱ and Ustorm Ⅱ models are fully functional in a -40℃ environment testing!

High Grey Scale Under Low Brightness