The Timy3 is a mult-purpose all weather lightweight timer, which has been pre-loaded with a wide range of software covering most sports with programs such as Stopwatch, TrackTimer, Lap Timer, Backup Timer, PC Timer, Training Timer, Speed Measurement, Judges Terminal, Cycle Start.

Unlike previous models, the TIMY3 contains an integrated radio module from the successful ALGE-TIMING Wireless Timing Network series WTN, allowing it to easily communicate with other devices of the WTN series. It can receive start, intermediate or finish impulses, control a display board and send data to the result PC.

Available in two models TIMY3 W and TIMY3 WP, there is an integrated printer that records the complete competition on the TIMY3 WP model (shown on the left below):


The Timy3 features a host of different interfaces for communicating with external devices, including display boards, an RS 232 interface for PC communication, an RS 485 interface to networking with other timing devices, and a USB interface for simple communication. A major advantage of the Timy3 is the low power consumption that allows you to work independent from mains.