Integrating SwimTime with SPORTSYSTEMS

To setup ALGE-TIMING’s SwimTime software to talk with SPORTSYSTEMS, you need to create a shared folder and ensure that both the timing system computer and meet management computer are can connect to each other over a network or alternatively you may need to setup a computer network. (Please see appendix below for instructions).

Please note, we recommend that the shared folder is located on the SwimTime PC to avoid any potential network delays and to avoid any issues with the timing of the meet. Additionally, both machines will require full read / write access to the shared folder.

SwimTime PC:

1 – Once you have opened SwimTime, from the top toolbar, please select “Options” and then “Network Settings”.

2 – From the window that appears, please enable the “Splash data Exchange”:

3 – Please then select the Shared Folder that was created earlier by clicking “Search” or alternatively if you have not created a folder yet you can click “Create Share” to create a new folder (Please note you will need to setup the network connections for this folder with the SPORTSYSTEMS PC still).

4 – If you have pressed “Search”, you will need to locate the Shared Folder within the window that appears and once selected press “OK”.

Please note the SwimTime Software is now ready to share data with the SPORTSYSTEMS PC, and will need to setup your SPORTSYSTEMS PC.


(Please note, you will require version 5.3 or higher of SPORTSYSTEMS)

After opening SPORTSYSTEMS and locating the required meet fileset and relevant session

1 – From the top toolbar, select: “Tools‟, then “Day of Meet‟ and from the sub menu: “Timing/Results‟

2 – Within the Timing Setup section, please select ‘ALGE-TIMING SwimTime” from the Timing Method drop 
down list.

3 – Next, please select “Settings”

4 – Within the Settings window, we recommend that you turn on Reaction Times. Once turned on, press “OK” to close the screen.

5 –  To apply these new settings, please click “Accept‟.

6 – Next, from the main toolbar please select “Tools‟ and select “Support File Location‟

7 – From the screen that appears, please click on “ARES Bi-Directional Directory” line and then click on the “Modify” button:

8 – Within the screen that appears, you will need to locate the shared network folder that you have created earlier and click “OK” to close the screen:

9 – Click “Done”.

You are now ready to run your meet.

APPENDIX – Establishing a PC Network

Recommended steps on setting up a basic computer network between 2 computers (unless there is existing LAN)

General Overview

This guide covers the setting up of a basic network for the purpose of Bi-Directional Communication between Swim-TIME and SPORTSYSTEMS.

It will cover the following:

The setting up a network between 2 PC’s Sharing a folder between the 2 PC’s Mapping a network drive. What you need:

  • 2 computers connected via an Ethernet (network) cable.
  • Wireless network capabilities on the two laptops.

Network Setup

This manual assumes that you are building a network for use between 2 machines, and that no other devices are going to be connected. The network will simply allow file sharing between the 2 machines for the use of Bi-Directional communication between SwimTIme and SPORTSYSTEMS. Any more complex network designs incorporating a router will quite possibly not use the below method of setting addresses manually, addresses will be assigned by a router or similar device.

There are 2 ways of connecting the machines, as shown below, depending on which version of connecting you have opted for (cross over cable, or cables and a hub / switch)

Cross over cable connection

This is put simply, a cable between the 2 machines:

Cables and Hub Connection

This involves each PC on the network being connected to a switch or hub, allows future expansion of further machines / printers.

2 x Network Cables
1 x network hub or switch

1 x Cross over network cable

NOTE: It is possible to use a wireless solution for Bi-Directional communications, however not recommended.

Once the machines are connected using one of the methods above, you will need to change a setting on each PC, to give each machine a static network address. The address assigned to each machine will need to be different, so the machines can talk to each other.

Setting a static network address

If you are setting IP addresses manually, you need to decide on the addresses before attempting any of the below. We suggest using and IP address of: for the SPORTSYSTEMS PC for the SwimTIme PC

You will need to repeat the below process on each machine.