Setup on the timing PC:
In SwimTime go to the Network settings, and enable Splash data Exchange:

Then you have to choose a exchange folder. We recommend to leave this data exchange folder in the default location on the timing PC. If you get problems with the network, you can continue easily with the timing. After that you have to share this folder that the evaluation PC can access the data. If there is no share listed, you can press “create share” which will create a share to the exchange folder. Make sure that you have sufficient right to create a network share and Network sharing is enabled on your PC.

“Auto Import Splash data” means that if there is a new data from splash it will be imported automatically. Otherwise you have to chose “Import”->”Network”->”Ask splash for names” manually.
“Send Status Automatic” If this option is checked, the data for splash will be sent as soon as you press “End Heat”. You also can send this data with “Export”->”Network”->”Send status to splash”.

Setup on the Evaluation PC:

First check with the explorer if you can access the shared folder of the timing PC.
In the Splash MM chose “Edit”->”Add Timing system”. Chose “Alge SwimTime” as timing system (1). Chose the active session (3) and the timing folder (3). This is the folder on the timing PC which you shared before.
Press now the connection button (4) in the upper menu bar to activate the connection.
After that you can send the session data to the timing system by pressing the transfer button (5).SplashTimingSettings
If you can see the version info the connection should work properly.

It is also possible to connect the Splash with a serial cable (904-02 or 067-02 for TMS; 068-02 for old SWC) directly to the printer interface of the TimeManager. But this is deprecated.