Swimming Scoreboards and Displays

ALGE-TIMING offers a variety of different options that are suitable for every application and which can be adapted to individual requirements. We can offer classic seven-segment or even eight segment LED numeric display boards through to video wall solutions.

LED Numeric Displays

The ALGE D-SWxxx series is designed for the use in Indoor and Outdoor Swimming-Pools. It is possible to control it direct from the ALGE TMS, SWC, TIMY or with the Multisport-Console D-CKM. The LED-Scoreboards are equipped with high quality superb right LEDs which last for 100.000 hours of continuous use.

The scoreboards can be produced with a digit heights ranging from 57mm up to special designs with 2000mm:

  • The common sizes for swimming are 100, 150 and 250mm number height.
  • Indoor-Scoreboards are available in 100, 150 and 200mm as standard.
  • The Outdoor models are available in 150 and 250mm number height.

Please note, our ALGE-TIMING displays can be supplied with either 7 digits or 8 digits per line.

Single Line Board

ALGE-TIMING Scoreboards

Multi Line Vertical Boards

ALGE-TIMING Scoreboards

Multi Line Horizontal Boards

ALGE-TIMING Scoreboards

LED Video Walls