Swimming Timing Systems

We offer swimming timing systems and products for all levels. From an inexpensive semiautomatic system, which is idea for small clubs and/or those with a limited budget, to a fully automatic system, which can include touchpads and trackstart starting blocks, that can be used at the highest swimming competition level. We also offer a variety of aquatic scoreboard solutions.

As each pool is different, we can customise your order to meet your requirements. Contact Us today to find out more and/or to arrange a demo of our swimming products.

In addition to our timing products, we are pleased to be able to offer the Indico Virtual Trainer, which is a unique pacing system that enables clubs and individual swimmers to improve their personal bests by training against specific times (for example World Records, National Qualifying and even rival times) that can be lit up on the floor of the pool.

Scoreboards and Displays:

Swimming Timing Products:

Fully Automatic Timing

Timing Software:

Our highly accurate swimming timing system has been built by experienced timing operators, and as a result the software is extremely user friendly, but rich in features!

Suitable for all levels of competition, the system is perfect for school events through to club championships, open meets and even regional championship events. You can support up to 10 lanes, with 1 x touchpad and 3 other input types (including backup buttons and RTOPs) for one or even two ends of the pool!

You can run the timing system as a standalone system or Integrate with a variety of Meet Management software solutions.

Whether you are looking for a new timing system for your or a replacement for your existing venue, we can help in a cost effective way!

Already using a Colorado or Daktronics timing system?

Well, you will hopefully be pleased to know you can simply plug in your Daktronics and Colorado cable harnesses into the our deck interface and run your meet on our PC based timing system!

This not only helps you to avoid a large initial outlay, as you’ve only got to replace a small part of the system, but you can also move away from an outdated timing console to our powerful PC based timing system.

Are you a Swiss Timing / Omega or ALGE user?

Unfortunately, unlike the above systems we will need to supply you with a new cable harness in order to help you transition over to our timing system (Sorry!).

However there is some good news 😊, you can however continue to use your existing touchpads and backup buttons with the new system!

Scoreboard Options:

The software has a variety of different options that will enable you to display the results of the races.


Firstly and like our rivals, you will be able to output your results to existing or new videoboard displays.

To find out more about our Unilumin LED Videowall, please click here.

Projection Scoreboard:

Alternatively, and should you not have the ability to install a display (either from a space or funding perspective), the software has some additional features to help you display your results, and as a standard feature!

The software automatically sizes the display to the resolution of your projector and the number of lanes in use. The colours used can be customized as well so your team colours can be shown.

Mobile Scoreboard

In addition to the above, plug in a wireless router to the timing PC and transmit results to your spectators phones tablets and laptop devices.

Within the software there is a QR Code generator, that will enable you to share a webpage to the parents and spectators to your wirelessly view heat results instantly on their phones or tablets, just like if they were up on a scoreboard. They can even see splits.

Meet Management Software

In addition to being able to run the timing as a standalone system, you can also interface with the following meet management softwares to download events and send results:



Timing Components:


Available in three standard widths: 980 mm, 1890 mm and 2400 mm, the ALGE-TIMING touch pads are one of the most reliable touchpads on the market, with 4 high quality double proofed contact stripes (made in Germany). The touchpads have a non-slip surface and have a patented water flow system.

ALGE-TIMING’s touchpads are also compatible for use with existing Colorado, Daktronics and Omega timing systems.

Starting Devices:

The Race Start One (RS1) provides swimmers with a clear, concise start commands and a distinct start tone. In addition our multi-coloured LED strobe can be setup to provide either a single colour or multi-colour flash signal at the start of the race. Additional extras include lane speakers and additional strobe lights.

Backup Buttons:

Our manual push buttons are extremely rugged and splash proof. The cable is protected with a stress relief and available with two different connectors.


We can offer both on-deck and in-deck cabling solutions for clubs and pools.

Semi Automatic Timing

ALGE-TIMING’s WTN-PB system is a proven wireless and wired push button based swimming timing system, that can be fully integrated with the Hy-Tek Meet Management software.

This type of timing is useful in pools where customers require an electronic timing system but can not install touchpads, with the primary timing system being the electronic buttons, with a stopwatch providing the backup.


ALGE-TIMING’s TIMY3 drives our semi-automatic timing solutions. This handheld device is of a compact design, equipped with high-quality technology and unique for timing. It has an ergonomic and most reliable design. Despite the handy dimensions, the TIMY3 has a large and easy to operate silicone keypad.

Open Water

For Open Water competitions, we can offer different types of systems that can be made up of or combine items such as are made up  small touchpads, wireless timing and even finish line IDCam (high resolution camera system) to help identify swimmers.

OpenWater Timing Systems
TIMY3 Training System

Training system for swimming with TIMY3 WP


The TIMY3 is of a compact design, equipped with high-quality technology and unique for timing. It has an ergonomic and most reliable design. Despite the handy dimensions, the TIMY3 has a large and easy to operate silicone keypad. The TIMY3 is available with our without integrated printer that records the complete competition.

Swimming Touchpad(s)

Swimming Timing Pads

ALGE-TIMING can offer 2.4m, 1.89m and 0.98m wide touchpads as a standard size. Alternative, we can provide custom sized pads to fit your lane size or alternative you can use existing touchpads at your pool with this training system (excluding Daktronics touchpads).

The following measured values are available:

Single Training
Reaction time:  time after which the swimmer pressure is applied to the starting block
Pressure time:  duration of the jump-off phase
Block-Off time: time after which the swimmer leaves the starting block
Touch 1:             first touch/stop
Turning time:     time elapsed from stop to leaving the touchpad
Touch 2:             etc.


During the Relay Training
Reaction time:  time after which the swimmer pressure is applied to the starting block
Block-Off time: time after which the swimmer leaves the starting block
Touch 1:             first touch/stop
Reaction time:   time after which the swimmer pressure is applied to the starting block
Block-Off time:  time after which the swimmer leaves the starting block
Touch 2:             etc.

Pacing System

Indico Virtual Trainer

Introducing the Indico Virtual Swim Trainer, a revolutionary training system that helps swimmers to swim faster, by training at a desired speed and acceleration rate displayed via the LED pacing lights placed on the bottom of the pool.

This patented high tech system is easy to setup and use, and allows coaches and/or swimmers to set the pace that needs to be followed, enabling you to create your own training table and speed and endurance workouts.

Swimmers can reach optimal performance levels and success by:

  • Setting and following their own desired pace.
  • Following competitors swim set pace.
  • Adapt step by step your own swim set pace.

The LED strip can be placed either on the pool floor or on the water surface along the floating lane line. At the beginning of the training session, the strip receives pre-programmed impulses that progressively switch on the LED lights, according to a previously established time and for a specific number of laps. The athlete’s point of reference is the constant light flow that can be easily followed.

Key features of the system are:

      • Up to 12 different colors allow as many swimmers to train in the same lane.
      • Up to 8 different independently configurable lanes.
      • Solutions with 25m or 50 meter LED light strips.
      • International Patent, distributed under the license of Indicotech s.r.ls.
Video Dispalys

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading and most innovative videowall manufacturers!

As a result we can supply and install new videowall displays into your venue that will help you to Engage, Info and Entertain your spectators.

Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm pixel pitches, our displays can be supplied in a custom size for your pool. Our installation team can also fabricate and installation bespoke surrounds and pod.

Looking to upgrade an existing display?

In addition to offering a complete timing system offering, we can also supply replacement scoreboards solutions in the form of a videowall at venues already using Omega Quantum, Omega ARES21 and Daktronics Omnisport systems!

Please get in touch to find out more.

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