Video Display Boards

ALGE-TIMING offer LED video boards which are built and priced to meet your specification, whether your looking for indoor or outdoor scoreboard solutions for a variety of sports (including Swimming, Athletics, Football and many others).

The ALGE-TIMING video wall displays offers LEDs with three different colors in each pixel (RGB – red, green, blue). These colors can be mixed so it has the complete true color spectrum (68 million colors). Such a board has a video input and it is able to show a TV picture. There are also scoreboards available with 10 bit color processing which will result in 1073 million colors.

Available for indoor and outdoor events, with the outdoor models contain LEDs which are completely sealed with a special silicone; horizontal louvers are integrated in the LED modules to maximize the contrast.

The LED video board displays can be fed by multiple input sources as shown below:


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