Ski Startgate

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The ALGE-TIMING ski start gate is available in the following configurations:

Startgate, manual gate, 1 output, and speech amplifier STSnM1S
Startgate, manual gate, 2 output, and speech amplifier, FIS approved STSnM2S
Startgate, automatic gate, 1 output STSnA1
Startgate, automatic gate 1 output, and speech amplifier STSnA1S
Startgate, automatic gate, 2 output and speech amplifier STSnA2S

The start gate is used mainly for Alpine Skiing, but as for cross Country Skiing, Snowboard, etc. The ski start gate is mounted between two posts at the start, so the racer has to move the startwand of the start gate when he leaves the start. Each startgate is delivered with 2x wands.

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