OPTIc3-PRO Photo Finish

Introducing the OPTIc3-PRO photo-finish system, the market leading camera for photo-finshes with the fastest scan rate (fps) on the market (30,000 fps).
In addition, the OPTIc3-PRO has a 100 Hz 2D full-frame mode for sports like swimming and rowing. Characteristics like 2D picture, autofocus and auto iris guarantee a user-friendly system. The VoIP allows voice communication with the starter without using a headphone.
  • High Speed Capture | up to 30,000 fps
  • High Resolution | up to 2,016 pixels vertical resolution
  • Standard Network Connection | use standard Ethernet or WLAN interfaces for data transfer. WLAN in camera included!
  • Easy 2D Picture Adjustment | with the new 2D setup mode (2016 x 360 pixels) you can align the camera to the finish line within one minute
  • Autofocus | with the motorized zoom you can use a sophisticated autofocus and auto iris function
  • Integrated WTN | wireless impulse and data transmission
  • eXtremLuX | various technologies to improve the picture at bad light conditions
  • Flicker Reduction | automatic suppression for 50/60Hz flickering
  • LiveView | adjust the camera with a live picture on your tablet or mobile via WLAN
  • High Speed 2D pictures | 100fps 2D pictures at 1024×768 or 360×2016 pixel resolution
  • VoIP | speech connection to the starter directly from your PC
  • Motion Detection | automatic recording by Motion Detection
  • PC Software | state of the art evaluation software

Technical Data:

Vertical Resolution: up to 2016 pixels
Scan Rate: up to 30.000 fps
Recording Time: unlimited; depends on PC hardware and connection
Lens: Various C-Mount lens
TCXO: +/- 0.06 ppm@25°C (0,0002s/h)
2 x start input (banana socket)
1 x finish input (banana socket)
2 x 3 channel input (DIN socket)
1 x display board (banana socket)
1 x motor zoom
1 x gearhead
2 x USB for WLAN
1 x RJ45 (Gigabit Ethernet)
1 x power supply
Power Supply: PoE+ or 9 – 13.4 VDC
Temperature Range: -20°C to 50°C (90°F to 122°F)


Manual Lenses: wide range of (zoom) lenses are available
Motor Zoom Lenses: two models are available: 12 – 75 mm or 16 – 160 mm
Gearhead 410: three-dimensional gearhead to adjust the camera
Gearhead 410E3: electronic controlled three-dimensional gearhead to adjust the camera controlled by the PC software
Camera Case WPC3-75: protects the camera if used outside in bad weather
Battery Backup BB1: battery backup for camera with integrated 12 VDC battery and charger.
KT-RJ45G90: 90m Ethernet cable reel for mobile use
Transport case: the OPTIc3-PRO comes with a case

Example Finish Line Images:

Example Video Images:

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