Unilumin Sports supported the NBA’s 5v5 Event In Beijing in 2018.

Cube Video Displays

The 360-degree cube screen design and the concept of linkage of multiple parts or movement of a single part, make it a pace-setter in cube screen design. In addition, Unilumin Sports’ professional control system which breaks through the limitations of pixel resolution and appearance design, enables live broadcasting, wonderful playback in slow motion, professional timing and scoring, interaction with fans and rebroadcast. The fantastic and high-definition imagery and the versatile functions can create a perfect atmosphere for the competition, and give the audience a fresh experience.


The giant screens in the stadium are designed in line with the size and layout of the venue. They can show time and scores, advertisements, live video, etc, under the control of Unilumin Sports’ professional control system. The perfect imagery and the versatile functions will give basketball fans a fresh experience.

Perimeter Advertising Systems

User-friendly perimeter advertising screen design can protect the players from injuries through special masks and rubber protective pads. Controlled by the professional control system, it can display dynamic advertising images with special effect to reinforce the marketing performance.

Ribbon Advertising Systems

The unique design and specific dimensions make it a perfect match to the stadium stands, easy to be set up and maintained. It can display time and scores, ads, etc., under the control of Unilumin Sports’ professional control system. Meanwhile, it can also work with the giant screens at both ends and the perimeter screens to create a interconnected display, presenting a more impressive performance.

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