ALGE-TIMING are world renowned for successfully producing electronic timing systems, they have decades of experience, and constantly undertake research and development to design and build high quality and innovative timing solutions for a variety of sports.

Founded in 1946, ALGE-TIMING is a family-owned company in its third generation. They have +20 permanent employees, working in research and development. ALGE-TIMING is based in Lustenau, Austria; which borders Switzland and is also not far from Germany and Liechtenstein too.

ALGE-TIMING is a leading longstanding manufacturer of highly specialised electronic and video sports timing solutions. Their product line is complete and includes; LED and matrix displays, timers, start and finish sensors, timing and results software, photo finish systems, which is distributed through independent sales partners, like Sports Electronic Timing Ltd, and are available in more than 40 countries world-wide.


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