Waste Management Policy

The Company is committed to the protection of the environment through the implementation of an effective waste management programme that meets or exceeds all legislative and regulatory requirements placed on it.

All of our employees (including subcontractors and partners) have a personal responsibility for the way their conduct impacts on this policy and should take reasonable care to ensure that a responsible and approved disposal system is in place before undertaking any activity that results in the production of waste.

All employees of the Sports Electronic Timing should satisfy themselves that any disposal, for which they are responsible, is conducted in a manner approved by the Sports Electronic Timing. Should there be any doubt contact should be made in the first instance with the Sports Electronic Timing Safety Officer who will either offer guidance or make the necessary introductions to ensure compliance.

  • Office Waste – Prior to placing orders for waste removal or disposal, guidance should be sought from Purchasing Department regarding approved suppliers who have suitable environmental policies and practices in place.Responsibility for the disposal of general office waste, that is waste, which is a by-product of every day office activities, rests with the Operations Director. The Operations Director is responsible for ensuring that the aims outlined above are known and achieved.
  • Confidential Waste – The disposal of confidential waste is the responsibility of the Operations Director and is to be undertaken in a manner approved by the Sports Electronic Timing. In disposing of confidential waste due reference should be made to the Data Protection Act and all required certificates must be obtained and retained. This responsibility cannot be delegated or passed to another department.
  • Manufacturing / Production Waste – The removal and disposal of manufacturing waste resulting from new build or refurbishment of Greenbank Products is the responsibility of the Operations Director. This includes separating and segregating scrap waste, such as paper, steel, chemical products and general waste. It is recommended that written disposal procedures are lodged with the Sports Electronic Timing Office to facilitate the audit of the exercise of the Sports Electronic Timing’s duty of care.