Sports Electronic Timing Ltd (SET) are registered with Companies House in England and Wales, Company No. 09489115.

We offer a variety of ALGE-TIMING products, but we specialise in Swimming electronic timing equipment. As a former competitive swimmers and also a coach we have been involved in Swimming in some capacity or another for over 30 years. Previously we operated and serviced Daktronics, Omega and Colorado electronic timing equipment across the country, so know a lot about you need and don’t need to run successful open meets and galas.

The combination of our experience and expertise within the UK marketplace, along with the innovative and high quality of ALGE-TIMING products, we can now offer you the best products and an unrivalled pre and post sale support!

Why choose us:

  • We offer high quality and innovative timing products from ALGE-TIMING, at competitive prices.
  • We come from a swimming background, not a sales background. We know the products that you need, and will promote these to you, rather than try and sell you equipment that you don’t need or will never use.
  • The products we offer are supplied with either a 2 years manufacturer warranty as standard.
  • Based out of Cardiff, we have good accessibility to the whole of the UK (either by road, rail or air).
  • We hold stock of critical parts and spares in the UK to avoid delays resulting from production lead times and delivery.
  • We offer high quality and innovative timing products from ALGE-TIMING, at competitive prices.
  • Finally, all prices quoted are list prices and available to all customers.

Our Aims (Published Jan 2016)

  • Within the 2 years become the leading UK ALGE-TIMING Representative.
  • Within 5 years be in the top 10 ALGE-TIMING Representatives, and become the leading Swimming equipment provider in the UK.
  • Within 7 years become the leading sports timing equipment provider in the UK (for our competition……. Watch out we’re coming for you!) and strategic partner for a variety of sport associations and governing bodies in the UK.

Throughout the progression and achievement of the above aims, we intend to maintain our customer focused approach and values, whilst also assisting through the supply of electronic timing equipment that will enable athletes at all levels to develop and achieve their maximum potential.

Our Clients