Is your meet / timing system going to be compliant?

During late 2018 Swim England have announced some important changes that will the swimming licence rules, in order to ensure that all swimmers including those with hearing impairments can take part in competitive races on equal terms. The key dates are:

  • From the 1st January 2019, all applications for swim meet licences at levels 1-3 have to stipulate in their conditions whether a secondary strobe is available.
  • Then from the 1st September 2019, all level 1-2 meets must provide a secondary strobe light.
  • All levels 1-3 and those level 4 meets using Automated Officiating Equipment, needing to must provide a secondary strobe light by the 1st September 2020.

(more information can be found here: Swim England puts plans in place to ensure deaf swimmers compete on equal terms (external site)

Sports Electronic Timing will shortly be launching the Race Start One (RS1) start device in January 2019, and which we hope will be able to assist open meets, clubs, counties and even national bodies to become compliant with these new changes.

The RS1 is compatible for use with existing Colorado, Daktronics and Omega timing systems, as it can support both N/O and N/C start output types. In addition to the internal speaker and strobe light, the RS1 can support up to 10, ensuring that no swimmer is disadvantaged from their start block location.

Where the RS1 goes over and beyond its rivals, is that RS1 is also capable of supporting both a single strobe flash and also a multi-coloured strobe sequence (all controlled by the starter) to provide even

Below are a couple of videos from our YouTube channel of the RS1:

Single Flash:

Multi Colour Flash:

More information can be found here:

Or alternatively, please also contact us to register your interest in our new starting device.