ALGE TIMING Track & Field Demo

We’ve been extremely fortunate this week to be invited by ALGE-TIMING to visit their Austrian offices and also a local sports venue in Lustenau to see a demonstration and have a play with their new athletics false start system!

Track & Field Products

ALGE-TIMING can supply the complete technical equipment for carrying out large and small track and field events.

Ranging from simple training systems for timing with photocells to the photofinish systems used at large events. All accessories are also available from wind measurement, lap counter, concentration clock, distance measuring devices to diverse display systems.

Following changes to way in which a false start is detected, ALGE-TIMING have developed a new Start Judge 2 (SJ2) solution, which has sensors (SJS2) are mounted to each starting block. One of the advantages of the new ALGE-TIMING SJS2’s is that they can be attached to existing start blocks that you have have already!

The Start Judge 2 software is also very easy to use, and yet is extremely powerful with the ability to analyse the start of individual lanes or multiple lanes.

We are extremely excited by these new products and would love the opportunity to show and demonstrate them to you in the UK.

To find out more, please click the link below or contact us using or online form or by telephone on 02921 175959.