We are pleased to announce that London & South East Regional Snowsports Association (LSERSA) have selected our ALGE-TIMING’s WTN solutions for their new ski timing system.

Established in 1970, LSERSA represents a large variety of snowsports clubs including alpine and freestyle skiing, snowboarding, nordic/cross country skiing, telemark and skiercross.

LSERSA hold regular racing events, and our ALGE-TIMING Alpine Ski WTN-SET was a perfect solution for the timing team who were looking for a timing system that could be setup quickly, with ease and most importantly a system that did not require cables to be laid out along the slope. By also attaching one of the WTN units to the startgate, it is possible to use existing equipment (such as start gates) with the ALGE-TIMING wireless network.

To find out more about our wireless ski timing system please click this link: Wireless Alpine Ski Timing System.

Additionally, please click here to find out more about LSERSA (please note this is an external website, which we are not responsible for any content or comments)