The Sports Electronic Timing Team would like to express our sincere apologies to all customers and potential customers if you have recently emailed us and not heard back.

Unfortunately due to two issues, an initial one with our email hosting provider and then a second with our hosting provider shortly afterwards, where we have either not been receiving all of the emails that you have been sending or alternatively some of our emails have not been sent (it has been very inconsistent, with some going and others not).

We appreciate this has been frustrating to some of you and would like to reassure you that this is level of service is below our expectations and that we have simply not been ignoring your requests. This is certainly not to the level of service we would expect of a company that we would be dealing with

We have now been advised that the two issues have been resolved and will attempt to contact you where we believe you may have not received our emails. However please do get back in touch with us again if we can be of any assistance and if you have not heard from us again by the end of the week.

Yours sincerely,

Co-Owner of Sports Electronic Timing Ltd.