Following a request from the ski slope landlord, Berkshire Race Squad who are an existing ALGE-TIMING equipment user, have recently invested in a new ALGE-TIMING WTN solution which removes the need for running cables up and down their slope, at the John Nike Ski Slope in Bracknell.

By connecting one WTN to their existing startgate at the top of the slope, and another to their Timer S4 on their control table, start impulses are sent over the wireless network to trigger the race timing system start and which is then ended once a competitors crossing through the photocell finish line at the bottom of the slope (currently a cabled version, but PR1AW‘s are also available).


Please click here for more information about the ALGE-TIMING WTN solution and how this may work for you.

Additionally, please visit the Berkshire Race Squad’s website to find out how to join, up and coming events  and more.