Sports Electronic Timing are please to announce the arrival of the first set of ALGE-TIMING timing pads in the UK.

New TP1800 timing pads have been delivered and used by Salisbury Stingrays Swimming Club (website) in swimming competitions. The clubs existing existing original touchpads could not be repaired/maintained, they had developed several intermittent faults, including damage to the external covering and/or also become non responsive.

Unlike the pads that were replaced, the new ALGE-TIMING touch pads are built with components that can be replaced and are repairable on site. Each touch pad contains four tape switches which can easily be replaced should there ever become an issue with them as well as replacement slats/lammellas  ALGE-TIMING offer a two year manufacturer’s warranty as standard on all new products!!

Following their delivery at the end of September 2015, Salisbury Stingrays have now successfully used their new timing pads at the Wiltshire ASA Masters Championships (3rd October 2015) round 3, and also at a local Schools Competition; with some swimmers commenting how great the new pads were as “They weren’t slippery”.

Sports Electronic Timing look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with the club.


To find out more about our ALGE-TIMING TP Timing Pad range or any of our other swimming products please click here, or alternatively if you wish to contact us please email us at or call 02921 175959.